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CULTURE AND CHRISTIAKI1Y      -         125

relationships between God and man, God and
His world* Only creative religious and philo-
sophic thought can do the necessary work of
cleansing, here, and defend the eternal truth of
Christianity. Most of the deformation and cloud-
ing of Christianity has come about because man
found it difficult to take in the full truth of God-
manhood. Now man has turned to God and
away from man, now toward man and away from
God. But even when he turned away from
humanity, man's evil human attitudes often pre-
vailed in his relationship to God. The problem
of Christian anthropology, the religious question
of mankind, is the basic problem of our epoch.
And only the fulness of Christian truth can fight
successfully against dehumanization, and pre-
vent the final destruction of man. The world
tried to affirm man as against Christianity and
arrived at a negation of man himself. And out-
side Christianity, or better, outside of Christ,
there is no salvation for fallen man. To a
renewed and transfigured Christianity man must
now address himself for protection. This is the
only defence for human dignity and freedom and
creativity, for man's humanity to man. Only
Christianity can create an inner society; what
all the social movements produce is external.